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  • I'm looking for suggestions on where to get good sushi in Madison, WI. Thanks!

asked Apr 6, 2013 by anonymous


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    Best answer

    Easy answer: Red Sushi  

    answered Apr 10, 2013 by niko Madisonian (215 points)
    selected Apr 19, 2013 by tjkessler

    • This is the right answer.  Best rice, freshest fish, most reasonable price.  Sushi muramoto is second.  Don't bother anywhere else.  

      Note:  I haven't tried T sushi on state yet.

      commented Apr 10, 2013 by anonymous

    • T Sushi closed...and it sucked.

      Source:  I lived a block away and would walk to Red or Sushu Muramoto 100% of the time.

      commented Apr 19, 2013 by anonymous

    • Absolutely! Rice is a huge factor, and Red Sushi does rice best!

      commented Apr 22, 2013 by Nolan Johnson (16 points)

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  • I don't like sushi, but I live with five people that do. Their favorite sushi place is Wasabi (on State St.). There are tons of sushi restaurants all along State St. and Red Sushi on King St. is pretty good (maybe a little pricey) from what I've heard.

    answered Apr 8, 2013 by smcbee (96 points)

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  • I prefer the two Muramoto restaurants, either Restaurant Muramoto downtown or Sushi Muramoto at Hilldale Mall (and I sort of feel like downtown is a little better).  Wasabi is good, though.  It's my backup if I feel like something different.

    answered Apr 9, 2013 by anonymous

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  • Sushi Muramoto @ Hilldale. The dragon and godzilla special rolls are amazing!

    answered Apr 10, 2013 by anonymous